How will $AFINS spark a flywheel effect in the altFINS ecosystem?

A fragmented crypto market

The Crypto market is highly fragmented. Thousands of digital assets are traded across hundreds of exchanges and dozens of new assets are getting listed on CEX or DEX every day. This fragmented market is extremely difficult to navigate for traders and investors. In the crypto world, trading digital assets is not as straightforward as trading traditional equity markets. Moreover, trading directly on exchanges is not user-friendly and they do not offer pre-trade analysis. There’s a grave need for a layer of technology stack sitting on top of the fragmented layer of exchanges.

  • Lack of robust tools for investment analysis and asset tracking (pre-trade and post-trade)
  • Massive amounts of data from exchanges and protocols to extract valuable insights.

$AFINS token

The AFINS token is the native currency of the altFINS network. AFINS powers the altFINS economy as a currency to pay for altFINS platform subscriptions and for third party content on the platform. It is a multi-faceted token incentivizing holders through exclusive rewards, discounts, and other valuable opportunities on the altFINS platform.

AFINS Flywheel Effect

altFINS values its community and has therefore created $AFINS tokens to reward and stimulate the adoption of the altFINS platform. By rewarding our community for their use and contribution to the platform, the awareness and utility value of altFINS will grow, thus attracting additional users.

Token allocation

altFINS prioritizes its community and ensures fair distribution of tokens. At the start of the project, 100, 000, 000 $AFINS were created. While the network is fully functional and the tokens have immediate utility, tokens distributed to Team, Seed and Private round of investors will gradually unlock over a 2–3 year period. For transparency, the breakdown of AFINS token allocation is outlined below:

Vesting Schedule
AFINS Token price



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