How to trade cryptocurrencies?

  1. Pullback in Uptrend
  2. Momentum & Uptrend
  3. Range trading
  4. Trading key levels
  5. Chart pattern trading

What do I need to invest or trade cryptocurrencies?

You need access to an exchange to trade crypto, and a way to deposit your fiat money (USD, EUR) to buy crypto. You also need a tool to scan the crypto market for trading ideas and strategies.

What are the differences between investing and trading cryptocurrencies?

Investing typically refers to longer term holding of cryptocurrencies (aka HODLing) while trading implies more frequent buying and selling of altcoins.

What cryptocurrency trading strategies should I use?

There’s a myriad of strategies to trade cryptocurrencies but here are six basic trading strategies for traders with any level of experience:

  1. Sell when shorter SMA (or EMA) crosses below longer SMA (or EMA).
  1. Identify a Support Zone. This is often prior Resistance Zone or prior high point.
  2. Selling volume dries up during the pullback.
  3. Buy if the price is near or touches a Support Zone.
  1. Buy when MACD line crossed above MACD Signal Line
  2. Sell when MACD line crossed below MACD Signal Line
  1. Identify Support and Resistance Zones
  2. Buy Support, Sell Resistance
  3. More advanced version: Buy Support when RSI is Oversold (<40) and Sell Resistance when RSI is Overbought (>60)
  1. Head and Shoulders, Inverse Head and Shoulders
  2. Channel Up / Down
  3. Falling / Rising Wedge
  4. Double Bottom / Top
  5. Triple Bottom / Top



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