How to find RELEVANT crypto news & events

1 min readJan 20, 2022

In the video, we show you how to find coins with breaking crypto news and potential upcoming catalysts, and how to stay on top of the relevant news for your portfolio or watchlist.

Every day we get pummeled with news, just ton of noise, relentless shilling of shitcoins, etc.

altFINS helps traders and investors cut through that noise and get to the relevant pieces of data and news.

You can do so using our unique newsfeed where we aggregate, near real-time, news releases from thousands of altcoin projects in one single newsfeed !!

Here are the key features:

1) easily filter it by coin name, keywords like “listing” or “mainnet”, categories (exchange, roadmap, partnership…) or urgency (significant, hot, trending)

2) filter news and events just for the coins in your portfolio or watchlist and quickly check what’s relevant for you !!

3) receive daily or weekly news and events summary for your watchlist in your email inbox

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altFINS is a cloud-based crypto analysis platform that allows retail and institutional traders to scan, analyze and trade thousands of digital assets.